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LeBron James shares sweet moment with Jackie Custer, a teen with leukemia (video)


The Cleveland Cavaliers held a team scrimmage open to the public on Wednesday night. Called the “Wine & Gold Scrimmage,” the event is a highly anticipated, annual Cavs tradition, as it allows fans to get a first up-close look at the team as it prepares for the upcoming season.

As part of the night’s festivities, a handful of very lucky fans got to come down on the court and receive jerseys from players.

Jackie Custer, a 16-year-old Cavs fan with leukemia, was among the fans on the court following the scrimmage. She was the fan who ended up receiving the jersey of one LeBron James, and the two shared a sweet hug as the jersey was handed over to Jackie.

It was a passing encounter, but Custer was beyond overjoyed afterward over the brief moment she got to interact with LeBron.

A perusal of Jackie’s Twitter account is well worth your while if you want to be left inspired and amazed by the bravery that can be exhibited by a 16-year-old girl who has had to deal with far more obstacles in her young life than most folks will ever have to endure in their lifetime.

Kudos to Jackie. Keep up the fight and best of luck on her continued treatment and hopeful recovery.