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Elderly lady in a Pirates jersey somehow winds up in Giants dugout (videos)


Early on in Wednesday’s Wild Card game between the hometown Pittsburgh Pirates and visiting San Francisco Giants, a sweet and arguably confused old lady somehow managed to gain access to the Giants dugout during the second inning.

Whether this was some kind of scallywag sort of sneaky espionage being perpetrated by the Buccos or simply a case of some elderly woman getting so confused trying to find her seat in PNC Park that she ended up in the visitor’s dugout is unclear, but it likely was the latter, not the former.

Either way, it sure made for a delightful scene as the perplexed, flummoxed but patient security guard interacts with her, probably instructing her, “Uh, ma’am, you’re not supposed to be in here.” Even better is how he exasperatingly gestures to someone on the other side of the dugout, going, “Some help here!”

Great stuff. But in the end, if the woman did eventually find her seat — if confusion of where she was going is indeed what happened here — she wasn’t happy for long, as the Giants started taking it to the Pirates shortly thereafter.

Here’s a few more looks, via Bartsool Sports:

Ha. Hey, I guess they’re right. Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose. And that’s to amuse others with their sweetly charming and confusing ways. Okay, that’s not nice. She’s probably just a really sweet old lady having one heckuva time.

(GIF via SB Nation)