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Fan who held sign indicating she’d get a puppy if Royals won is getting a puppy


During the 5th inning of Tuesday night’s thrilling American League Wild Card game between the Kansas City Royals and Oakland Athletics, TBS cameras panned the stands and locked on a couple holding a sign that indicated the woman would be receiving a puppy should the Royals go on to win the game.

Things looked a little dicey for awhile, but in the end, the Royals of course staged an amazing comeback, tying the score in the bottom of the 9th courtesy of a four-run rally in the final two innings and going on to win in 12 innings by a score of 9-8.

The problem was it appeared to some onlookers that the woman along with her beau who made the promise had left the game before its conclusion, as Big League Stew noted they were nowhere to be found when looked for during the 10th inning.

It turns out that the rumors of their departure proved erroneous. The woman in question, Katie Castan, contacted BLS upon the site’s post wondering where the couple had gone and relayed that the two had moved to a different locale in the outfield concourse near the fountain in beautiful Kauffman Stadium to catch the game’s conclusion.

“My boyfriend Joe [Onofrio] made the bet with me in the middle of the summer – we were sitting on the couch and I think I was frustrated with the Royals (they were struggling around the end of June) and wanted to change the channel,” Castan reported in an email to Big League Stew. “He basically said if we won the division or made it past the wild card game, and if I paid attention to the games when we watched and could name at least 10 players on the team by the end of the year, he’d get me a puppy. I think it was his way of keeping me watching the games … but I just really wanted that puppy!”

Castan passed along a photo to BLS showing the couple in standing in the outfield, rally caps atop their heads.


And yes, there is a happy ending to the adorable story: Ms. Castan apparently will be getting her puppy. She tells Big League Stew that she intends to adopt a pup from the KC Pet Project, meaning that the aforementioned happy ending has an even happier one as the outcome of the wager means the Royals did in fact win, the terms of the bet likely will result in the adoption of an animal in need.

As if a story involving a puppy could be anymore precious, right?

(top image MLB Fan Cave/Twitter)