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D.C. construction company derps on Nationals banner for playoffs: ‘GO NAT’S!!!’ (photo)


See above? That’s how you do a sign about the playoffs.

When a local company tries to get in on the postseason madness surrounding a local sports team, it usually is a good thing, both for the hometown fans and for the company itself, as it can generate some buzz and goodwill for the business organization as it showcases some semblance of civic-minded pride in a local product.

Unfortunately, things can and do go awry, as was the case when a D.C.-based construction company decided to hang a pro-Washington Nationals sign expressing its collective support for the squad while celebrating the team’s playoff berth.

The company in question is the Sigal Construction Corporation and the banner it made was hung on the exterior of one of its projects nearby Nationals Park, a place where many-a-Nationals fan will see it in the coming days leading up to the team’s first playoff game on Friday.

The problem, you see, is an extraneous apostrophe contained in its “GO NATS!!!” sign.

Yep, “GO NAT’S!!!” as in the way one would articulate the message that one supports something owned or in the possession of someone named “NAT.” The acceptable response to such a spelling and/or grammatical gaffe is of course, “Great Googly Moogly.” For obvious reasons.

But never fear, a Twitter citizen alerted the company to to the sign’s apostrophe issue, to which the company replied, indicating things will be made right.

That’s nice. Although Nat’s Bar* down by the stadium could have used the free publicity, to be perfectly honest.

*there is no Nat’s Bar

[H/T D.C. Sports Bog]