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Russian teen gets massive Alexander Ovechkin arm tattoo, Ovechkin approves (pics)

On Monday, Russian teenager Denis, an obviously huge Alexander Ovechkin fan, posted an image of an absurdly large tattoo of the Washington Capitals superstar on his arm.

Ovechkin is depicted wearing the Russian National Team uniform, not his Caps uni, which makes sense given the nationality of the teenager who absorbed an enormous amount of ink in his arm.

But what makes the story surrounding the tattoo even cooler is that Ovechkin himself posted a comment on Denis’ Instagram page.


“Super! Take another photo!” Ovi writes in a comment, according to a translation from Russian Machine Never Breaks.

So, a few hours later, the teen obliged.

“At the request of Alex Ovechkin…” writes Denis on Instagram.

If a person is willing to go to such lengths to demonstrate their admiration for a superstar athlete, it must be rewarding to actually receive positive feedback from said superstar athlete.