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Patriots fan obscenely taunted by Chiefs fan’s aggressive pelvic thrusts (video)


Generally speaking, a fan of the visiting team should expect to be on the receiving end of some semblance of taunting if he or she is brave enough to show up in enemy territory and openly support the visiting squad.

But the raunchy level of taunting one New England Patriots fan was subjected to in the stands of Arrowhead Stadium on Monday night by one Kansas City Chiefs fan may have crossed the line just a tad.

The Chiefs fan, clearly feeling pretty good about how his team was laying a thorough beat down on the Patriots, took it to the Pats fan by placing his beer bottle on his crotch and proceeding to repeatedly make suggestive, aggressive and arguably inappropriate pelvic thrusts in the victim’s direction.

Not only that, the bottle-humping Chiefs fan got perhaps a wee bit too close to the Pats fan when making said pelvic thrusts because, you know, had his conduct been from a more respectful distance, well, that would have been alright. Or something.

And then to add insult to injury, the Chiefs fan, with his fellow hometown fans egging him on, began to chant, “AMERICA!” and “U.S.A! U.S.A.!” at the Pats fan, presumably because he forgot that the Patriots, like the Chiefs, indeed are based in the United States of America. Again, or something.

A 41-14 outcome apparently can cause a person to forget everything they learned in elementary school geography.

Beyond everything wrong — and amusing — about the video worth noting is how remarkably cool, calm and collected the Patriots fan remains throughout it all. Mad props for his ability to maintain his composure, although had he reacted in any sort of manner, there sure were a lot of Chiefs fans surrounding him, making the potential outcome of any reaction likely not a good one, in some way shape or form. A savvy reaction of non-action, to be sure.

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