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Carnegie Deli unveils ‘Derek Jeter Triple Club Sandwich’ in tribute to retirement (pics)


Arguably the greatest tribute a New Yorker can receive is being immortalized in sandwich form by the legendary Carnegie Deli. Not surprisingly, upon his retirement, Derek Jeter can count himself among the pantheon of NYC legends to receive such an honor.

The renowned deli unveiled on Monday the “Derek Jeter Triple Club Sandwich,” a monstrosity of a meal miraculously slapped between two slices of bread.

The sandwich — if you want to call it that … it’s more like a haphazardly leaning tower of meat and cheese with some condiments added to make it even more obscene — boasts a mountain of turkey, a heaping helping of bacon and some lettuce and tomato, all piled on two slices of toasted white bread.

A healthy amount of American cheese tops off the gargantuan sandwich, because, as Sarri Harper, the daughter of Carnegie owner Marian Levine, explains, “Nothing is more American than baseball.”

Not to mention gluttony and overeating, qualities that eating the Jeter sandwich more than satisfies.

“It has five ingredients because he won the World Series five times,” said Harper, according to a New York Daily News report. “And it has two meats because he was number 2.”

Here is NYDN “Daily Newser” Justin Rocket Silverman showcasing the imposing and intimidating sandwich.


Wow. And the price is get one of these bad boys slapped on a plate and presented to you at the legendary eatery is befitting its New York location: $28. Although given the amount of meat on it, that’s not too bad of a price.

Now that Jeter has shuffled off the Major League Baseball coil — to turn a phrase — odds are this might be one of the final Derek Jeter-related posts for some time … at least unless it involves Jeter gal pal Hannah Davis — that’s another story altogether.

So, let us celebrate Jeter’s career one last time … and then celebrate that there likely will be far fewer Jeter coverage in the near future. Everybody wins!

(top image credit: Twitter/Carnegie Deli)