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Brett Favre no longer looks like a musclebound hobo thanks to Micro Touch (video)


Brett Favre has been keeping himself pretty busy during his retirement. From competing in mini-triathlons (under the alias “Brett Lorenzo,” no less) to endorsing political candidates to pimping headphones, the Ol’ Gunslinger has certainly diversified his interests in his post-football life.

One thing that has remained a constant, though, through all of his activities as of late — along with some serious arm musculature — has been the presence of a scraggly mop-top of haircut and an overall disheveled appearance thanks primarily to an unkempt beard more befitting a penniless panhandler than millionaire former NFL superstar.

But no longer, folks. Favre has opted to shave the bum beard and trim his hobo haircut. But Favre did not do so simply to improve his appearance. Nope. There was some kind of payday involved. An paid endorsement kind of payout.

A one-minute-long commercial popped up on YouTube Tuesday in which Favre sings the praises of the Micro Touch male grooming system. And at the end, what’s left after use of the product line is a cleaned-up and sharper and cleaner-looking Favre.

Sure, he looks nicer, but something about Homeless Man Favre was so much, you know, cooler.

He does look about 20 years younger, though, instead of a carbon copy of the bum Nick Nolte portrayed in “Down and Out in Beverly Hills.” Not sure if that’s better, it’s just a fact.

[H/T The Big Lead]