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Bill Belichick gives reporter the stink eye for asking if Pats have QB controversy (vid)


The New England Patriots were thoroughly outplayed in every facet of the game in a 41-14 throttling at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night. But one aspect of the game’s ultimate outcome — specifically what occurred down the stretch with the Pats well out of the game — prompted one reporter to ask a question that head coach Bill Belichick found so ludicrous he gave the old stink eye in response.

Tom Brady had a somewhat rough outing at quarterback Monday, going 14-23 for 159 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions, one of which was returned for a pick-six. Things got so ugly and out of hand that Belichick pulled the plug on Brady’s night, sitting the veteran signal-caller in the fourth quarter.

With Brady on the bench, rookie Jimmy Garoppolo came in and performed capably — with the outcome of the game already decided — going 6-7 for 70 yards and a touchdown. With that setup, some reporter felt it necessary to ask Belichick after the game whether there was a burgeoning quarterback controversy, a question that arguably was reasonable to ask yet ridiculous enough to elicit the below reaction from Belichick.

It’s hard to determine exactly what kind of “eye” Belichick shot at the reporter. In Seinfeldian terms, it could have been a “stink eye,” a “crook eye,” or even the old “evil eye.”

Whatever kind of eye it was, Belichick, along with the smirk and bemused chuckle, clearly felt making the inquiry was an exercise in absurdity. And rightfully so.

While Brady isn’t exactly setting the league on fire with his play this season, it’s not like his play was the main reason — or even the primary one — why the Patriots got spanked so thoroughly on Monday night.

(VINE via SB Nation)