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LeBron James rocks headband way low at Cavs media day … what’s he hiding? (pics)


One would reasonably suspect that the strangest sight from Cleveland Cavaliers media day on Friday would be the slightly shocking — yet pretty phenomenal — sight of LeBron James in a Cavs uniform.

While that was something of a sight to behold, it was something else about King James that drew away from the magnitude of the moment somewhat and gave rise to wonder and curiosity in many folks on social media.

And that was his headband. Not just the headband, but how he was rocking it way low on his forehead.

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Seriously, if it were any lower it would be partially covering his eyes.

But there’s more to this story than meets the eye, so to speak. Just a little over a week ago, the interwebs was all aflutter after photos of James surfaced that appeared to indicate that LeBron may have undergone some work on his rapidly receding hairline, a touch-up, a rehab, if you will. The prevailing speculation was that LeBron may have had gotten hairplugs during the offseason.

So, the question at hand may be: Is LeBron hiding some newly implanted hair plugs with the drawn-down-low headband? Possibly. Is it possible that it is much ado about nothing? Possibly as well. Will people, myself included, continue to monitor exactly what is going on with LeBron’s hairline, presumably because it is still the NBA offseason and there isn’t much else to discuss? You better believe it.

Could we instead discuss what LeBron James actually had to say during media day? Sure, but it probably involved a lot of cliches and player-speak and that’s not as amusing as cracking wise about his hair. Right?

(all images via Twitter)