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Hunter Pence unloads furious flurry of f-bombs on live TV after Giants clinch (video)


To say that Hunter Pence was pretty pumped up after the San Francisco Giants clinched an NL Wild Card spot courtesy of the team’s 9-8 victory over the San Diego Padres on Thursday would be a significant understatement.

On the other hand, to say that Hunter Pence was pretty f**king pumped up about f**king clinching an NL Wild Card Spot? Well, that would be just about spot-on.

The fiery, foul-mouthed outfielder unleashed a flurry of f-bombs and other assorted colorful language as he addressed the team in the clubhouse following the Giants punching their ticket to the postseason.

Below is the “bleeped” footage that unwisely was aired live and unedited on CSN Bay Area on Thursday night.

Yikes. And here is a portion of Pence’s R-rated rah-rah speech, redacted for language.


Bay Area Sports has the speech in all its foul-mouthed, f-bomb-dropping entirety. Viewer discretion is advised, of course.

In the full speech, Pence makes an allusion to “Champion Blood.” Not to be confused with Charlie Sheen’s “Tiger Blood” — but perhaps similar in chemistry and makeup — was described by Pence himself.

“(Bochy) had a meeting with us, telling us this is our time when things were looking really bad. ‘You’ve got the champion blood.’ And it’s true. There’s a lot of champions in this clubhouse. We know what happens in the playoffs. There’s a couple guys that are going to be new to it that are big role players. Everyone in, let the dogs go at it,” said Pence, according to Bay Area Sports.

“I try to use everything as motivation. Any last ounce, every fiber of my being. I try to dig to the depths of my soul for this game because it’s what I love. And whatever comes our way, the dream and the vision is to win a World Series,” Pence continued. “That’s what we come out for, that’s what we work for, so we’re going to give it everything we’ve got.”

Yeah, the dude seems pretty amped, man. Imagine if the Giants made it to the World Series. All microphones probably should be banned in that celebratory clubhouse. For liability purposes. The FCC likely has been put on alert already and CSN Bay Area most certainly has been warned.

(photo credit: AP)