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DeAngelo Williams needles Steve Smith, dons goggles for ‘blood and guts’ (video)

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Sunday brings the first opportunity for Steve Smith to exact his revenge on the Carolina Panthers, the team that cut him loose in March after a 13-year, Hall of Fame-caliber stint with the team.

But Smith has moved on — so to speak — since then, signing a deal with the Baltimore Ravens. Suffice to say, Smith is more than excited to host his former team at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday.

Shortly after his departure from the Panthers, Smith unleashed a pretty graphic description of what should be expected if and when he ever had the chance to face his former team.

“Put your goggles on cause there’s going to be blood and guts everywhere,” Smith threatened.

Now comes the chance for Smith to make good on his word — hopefully in a metaphorical, not literal, way — and it also provided an opportunity for some wisecracking from at least one of his former Panthers teammates.

Running back DeAngelo Williams (above with Smith in the good old days), out the past two games with a hamstring injury, greeted reporters on Thursday donning an additional, very non-football related piece of protective equipment.

Yep, Williams met with the media while wearing goggles, obviously a whimsical nod to Smith’s original commentary.

“I’ve used them in the past, but it wasn’t for blood and guts,” Williams joked. “It was to keep mud out of my eyes when I was on my ATV. But they’re good for multiple occasions.”

All kidding aside from Williams — and the fiery talk from Smith — it should be quite the spectacle come Sunday. In addition to Smith’s “blood and guts” comments from months back, the brash and outspoken wide receiver took it to another level a few weeks back while unleashing his wrath upon the Panthers.

After hauling in an 80-yard touchdown pass in Baltimore’s Week 1 game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Smith, upon returning to the sidelines and noticing cameras trained on him, let loose a stream of profanity during a tirade aimed squarely at his former team.

“Hey, if you (expletive) think I can’t play,” Smith screamed into the camera. “You’re gonna find out in Week 4, (expletive)!”

Yowsers. To invoke another wide receiver’s legendary commentary regarding an upcoming showdown and apply to Ravens-Panthers on Sunday, simply stated, “Get your popcorn ready.”