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Tom Brady dominates Throwback Thursday again with Space Mountain photo (pic)


Last week, Tom Brady made a big splash online with his Throwback Thursday post on Facebook where he showcased his pre-2000 NFL Draft résumé from his days as a member of the Michigan Wolverines.

The New England Patriots quarterback was back at it again this week, only this time, Brady went full-on with the self-deprecation as he hearkened back to days since passed.

Brady took to Facebook and posted the below photo of himself hilariously looking slightly terrified while taking a spin on Space Mountain back in 2011.


Fantastic. And this isn’t even the only embarrassing photograph of Brady looking derpy on an amusement park ride, either. Here’s one of Brady looking especially ridiculous on a ride next to Gisele at Disneyland in 2013.

gisele-tom-brady-disneyland tom-brady-disneyland-rideadl

Derpy, indeed.

Brady is totally owning Throwback Thursday. And if he keeps this up, going with the slightly self-deprecating pics, we can expect amusing photos such as the one above for weeks and weeks and weeks to come.

Why? Because Brady’s life is a veritable treasure trove of goodness when it comes to hilarious photographs. To wit:

tom-brady-dork tom-brady-headband 137th Kentucky Derby - Inside tom-brady-wes-welker-holiday-party tom-brady-scooter tom-brady-embarrassing-1 tom-brady-hair

And arguably the two greatest worst photos of Tom Brady of all-time:

tom-brady-dork-golf tomy-brady-waterslide

Gold, Jerry. Gold. And we’re just skimming the surface here, folks. There are countless others. But that water slide one? Brilliance.

Still, Brady deserves kudos for having such a good sense of humor about looking silly on an amusement park ride. Between the Space Mountain photo and how he Photoshopped himself into an image giving Bob Kraft a high-five after the Patriots owner was left hanging by Mark Wahlberg, Brady is dominating the social media game this week.

Although it is easy to make fun of oneself when afterward, you can go back to, you know, being Tom Brady. Yeah.