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Panthers safety Thomas DeCoud’s Cal senior portrait is really something (photo)

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A lot of folks tend to dislike looking at photos of themselves from the distant past. Some may even be embarrassed simply from gazing upon a photograph of themselves from the halcyon days of yore. Whether it be a terrible hairstyle, acne, ridiculous-looking clothes, you name it, people tend to cringe when an unflattering picture of them surfaces.

Something tells me Thomas DeCoud is one of those people. At least he is now.

Senior portraits, whether it be from high school or college, oftentimes carry the biggest risk of later embarrassment for some reason. And forĀ  Carolina Panthers safety Thomas DeCoud, who played football for the Cal Golden Bears before being drafted in the third round by the Atlanta Panther, his senior portrait from his college days is a real humdinger, a likely harbinger to mockery from teammates, opponents, and now, thanks to reddit, the Internet.

Without further ado, above is DeCoud as we see him today. Below, how DeCoud was portrayed in his senior portrait back in 2008.


Yamma hamma. That ain’t … good. Not good at all. Hoo boy. Who is the brain wizard photographer behind this debacle? Cosmo Kramer?

“Look were not going to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. The key word is tasteful. Now I want you to relax and have fun because your a fun guy.”

And then, afterward, DeCoud, as he is ridiculed by, well, pretty much everyone, arguing, “I put my trust into the wrong person! He said the key word was tasteful!”

Not good.

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