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‘South Park’ crushes Redskins, NFL in 18th season premiere (vids/pics)


“South Park” launched its 18th season on Wednesday night on Comedy Central with an episode that completely destroys, skewers, shreds — you name it — the Washington Redskins, for all the controversy surrounding its name; and the NFL, for, well, everything that’s been going on that has sullied the reputation of the biggest and most successful sports league in America.

Earlier this week, the 18th season premiere episode was teased with a preview featuring Cartman arguing with Redskins owner Dan Snyder, quarterback Robert Griffin III and head coach Jay Gruden.

Demonstrating once again that it can roll with changes and developments with current stories, the show replaced RG3 with Kirk Cousins in light of RG3’s injury and Cousins’ insertion into the starting job.

And it got progressively better for viewers keen on watching the purveyors of some of the greatest comedic social commentary of this era take aim at the NFL, the Redskins.

A quick rundown follows.

Regarding Snyder and the Redskins name controversy, a reference to Iron Eyes Cody, the “Crying Native American,” from the iconic ’70s commercial was utilized.

There was GoodellBot bit in a scene which culled quotes from Commissioner Roger Goodell’s press conference.  

How about a reference to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ sexual assault lawsuit and alleged horndoggery?


What’s up with Double-J’s eyes?

And then there was … this …

Hoo boy. Eighteen years in and still going strong.

(GIFs via CJ Fogler/Twitter, Kissing Suzy Kolber, top image via MockSession)