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Rory McIlroy jokes that he would still be a virgin if it wasn’t for golf


It goes without saying that being one of the most popular athletes in the world comes with a seemingly endless amount of fringe benefits, including being considered far more attractive than perhaps one deserves. Fame, money and all the other associated trappings of unbounded success can prove to be an irresistibly intoxicating draw for would-be admirers.

Rory McIlroy apparently understands this phenomenon, especially as it pertains to himself. So much so, in fact, that he recently cracked a joke that his success with the ladies wouldn’t be anywhere close to where it stands now if not for his tremendous success as a golfer.

Even worse, the 25-year-old multiple major winner believes that if wasn’t a world-class golfer and instead was just some Joe Schmo, he joked that he likely still would be a virgin.

McIlroy apparently made the comments during the filming of a documentary set to air on Thursday.

Via The Mirror:

But speaking on a BBC2 documentary also involving Darren Clarke and Graeme McDowell – due to be shown tomorrow evening – McIlroy jokes about how it’s maybe his skill with a club that makes him desirable to the fairer sex.

Asked what he would be if he hadn’t taken up golf, the northern Irishman channelled Peter Crouch and replied: “A virgin”.

Of course, the theoretical, non-golfing and still-virginal Rory would have been a far different animal than the real world Rory. In his short time in the limelight, McIlroy has enjoyed several high-profile romances with some very attractive women.

His long-term relationship with Caroline Wozniacki, arguably one of the most beautiful female tennis stars in the world (below), tops the list. Yes, McIlroy unceremoniously dumped the tennis star earlier this year to move on to bigger and better things — both on and off the course — but the two were hot and heavy for some time.

McIlroy enjoyed a substantial surge in success once he parted ways with Wozniacki — as did she, it merits noting — but even before Caroline came around, there was Holly Sweeney, an incredibly fetching lass McIlroy spent the initial stages of his professional golf career romancing.

Next came Wozniacki, and while the two had to deal with some height-related challenges — something Wozniacki managed to crack a joke about post-breakup — they enjoyed a pretty good run together.

But since the split, McIlroy has been spotted spending time with a few other lovely ladies, all the while insisting that he’s enjoying the bachelor life.

First, there was Irish model-singer Nadia Forde.

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Shortly thereafter, McIlroy was spotted out and about in Belfast with model Sasha Gale.

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Then there’s this, via a Daily Mail report:

Pictures taken from outside the hotel showed him cuddling up to one brunette wearing a white bodycon dress. And more recently, McIlroy was last month seen out in Manchester as he and a friend joined a group of pretty women at the Lowry hotel at 3am after a Saturday night out. 

So, yeah, Rory is doing alright with the ladies, to be sure. It makes his joke about how he would still be a virgin if he didn’t enjoy the fame afforded to him as a result of being one of the greatest golfers in the world that much more amusing. And arguably irritating at the same time … for the jealous types. Lucky fella.

According to the man himself, the only thing that kept Rory from joining the ranks of the gawky, neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie set is the ability to bomb a golf ball a mile off the tee, putt with precision, show deft touch and deadly accuracy with irons and…

Actually, that’s more than an impressive set of skills, a level of talent that currently is on a level unmatched by any of his golfing peers.

Let’s leave it at McIlroy probably deserves anything and everything that’s coming to him, including the endless line of lovely ladies that come along the way.