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Dodgers clinch division, Yasiel Puig celebrates by opening beers with his mouth (vid)


The Los Angeles Dodgers had reason to celebrate Wednesday night after defeating the San Francisco Giants by a score of 9-1 to clinch the National League West.

Over-the-top celebrations after simply winning a division are often frowned upon by the old guard, as they come across as a bit haughty and hackneyed, not to mention premature, as a team actually has accomplished very little in its pursuit of a World Series title by only getting into the Big Dance.

But it is what it is, and nothing is going to change the fact that booze-fueled demonstrations of euphoric mayhem in clubhouses featuring beer-spraying, hoots and hollers and so on and so forth are now the name of the game when it comes to celebrating a division-clinching victory. Might as well enjoy it while you can and savor every moment as it comes along, right?

Yasiel Puig clearly doesn’t care if there are naysayers regarding the preponderance of such heavy-handed celebrations, as illustrated by how he went all-out living it up while partying down in the Dodgers clubhouse on Wednesday night.

Puig reportedly was in the middle of everything in the clubhouse, soaking anyone within spray-shot with beer and having an all and out good time.

Dodgers reporter Molly Knight summarized the chaotic scene — and Puig’s presence in it — thusly:

And, oh yeah, Puig opened bottles of beer with his teeth. Knight captured the beer-swilling, bottle-opening insanity.

Huh. Twist-offs, sure, but still. He also rode a bicycle around the clubhouse for some reason perhaps known only to him.

Gotta give the 23-year-old star credit. When he goes all out, he really goes all out. Even while celebrating. Still, maybe he should save something for later, like if and when the Dodgers win a playoff series.

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