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Infographic: Five things everyone should know about Derek Jeter’s ‘The Flip’


Derek Jeter took his last stroll out of the New York Yankees dugout to that familiar patch of dirt between second and third base in the new Yankee Stadium infield on Thursday night.

Most of Jeter’s greatest feats were of coursed performed during the team’s era of dominance across the street at the old Yankee Stadium. While most of the Captain’s most iconic plays occurred in one of the ballparks in the Bronx, something that transpired at the then-Network Associates Coliseum in Oakland during Game 3 of the 2001 ALDS has since reached mythological status and from that point forward has been known as “The Flip.”

The play preserved a one-run lead and staved off elimination at the hands of the visiting Oakland Athletics. The Yankees went on to win three straight against the A’s, whupped the Seattle Mariners in the ALCS but came up short in the World Series, losing in a classic Game 7 to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

But without “The Flip,” nothing that occurred afterward that 2001 postseason likely would have happened.

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