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Young fan writes letter to A’s, asking for win on birthday for smack talk purposes (pic)


The Oakland Athletics,¬†with an 86-71 record, head into the final weekend of the season with a pretty secure hold on one of the two American League Wild Card spots. Along with the upstart Kansas City Royals, who share the same record, the A’s hold a three-game Wild Card lead on the Seattle Mariners.

With a spot in the postseason growing more and more into a sure thing with every day, one A’s fan not only wants wins for playoff purposes, he wants a win on a specific day so he can drop some serious smack talk.

Harrison Gomes, an 11-year-old A’s fan, lives in enemy territory, about 15 minutes way from Angel Stadium in Anaheim.

With his beloved Oakland squad hosting the hated Angels at Coliseum for a three-game series this week, Harrison penned a letter to A’s general manager Billy Beane ahead of the divisional showdown to make an extra special request, specifically related to the game being played Sept. 23, which just so happens to be the lad’s birthday.

In his letter, young Harrison asked Beane in the letter, “May you please tell the A’s to play extra hard on my birthday” because he’d “really like to stick it to Angels fans at school,” closing his correspondence, “It would be a very great present.”


This kid is a winner.

Sadly, though, on Tuesday, Harrison’s birthday, the A’s were not. Poor Harrison’s birthday wishes for ammunition for smack talk went unanswered, as the A’s lost to the Angels by a score of 2-0.

Hey, there’s always Wednesday’s game. Not as cool as the A’s sticking it to the Angels on his birthday, but at least he can take solace in the fact that his team will in all likelihood join the Angels in the postseason, possibly providing for a chance for yet another showdown.

And despite the first baseman going 0-4 with two strikeouts on Tuesday, I bet he still believes in Stephen Vogt, too.

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