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Vancouver Sun photo caption refers to Jordan Subban as ‘dark guy in middle’ (pic)


The powers-that-be at the Vancouver Sun were in full apology mode after a particularly horrible photo caption made it onto the newspaper’s website on Tuesday night.

A caption underneath a photograph of the Vancouver Canucks celebrating a Jordan Subban goal during the team’s Tuesday night preseason game referred to the talented phenom and younger brother of P.K. Subban as the “dark guy in the middle.”


As mentioned above, once the understandable outrage ensued as news spread of the shockingly insensitive caption, the Sun took to Twitter to offer an apology.

As the tweets note, it’s unclear who exactly is responsible for the appalling caption, but the paper intends to find out and deal with the individual or individuals responsible for the egregious and troglodytic transgression appropriately, which likely will involve someone getting deservedly pink-slipped.

Puck Daddy notes that the photograph was taken by Steve Bosch of Pacific Newspaper Group, an organization that owns both the Sun and the Vancouver Province. Both papers used the photo but apparently only the Sun had someone working the sports page’s desk that has a particularly crude and disturbing sense of wholly inappropriate humor.

(top image credit: Jacob Noseworthy/Twitter)