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Old lady’s Derek Jeter sign: ‘I’m 92 & Haven’t Seen Balls In Years … Throw 1 To Me! (pic)


(photo credit: @BarrettAll)

Wow. Just wow. Without even looking into it too extensively, this clever and colorful — and delightfully randy — sign loaded with sexual innuendo has to be without a doubt the greatest Derek Jeter sign every brought to a game. Ever.

And that’s saying something.

This fantastic old lady with an obviously wonderful sense of humor deserves all the credit in the world for coming up with such a brilliant and innovative way to set forth why she deserves a souvenir ball from the retiring “Captain.”

“Hey Jeter,” the sign reads, “I’m 92 & Haven’t Seen Balls In Years … Throw 1 to Me???” Brilliant.

Forget balls, actually. This old gal deserves more than a measly baseball. She deserves one of those ballyhooed — and apparently nonexistent — Derek Jeter gift baskets. Beyond that, it’s entirely up to Jeter. But this 92-year-old lady’s efforts need to be rewarded … somehow, someway.

While Jeter’s “Dating Diamond” that details his most renowned romantic conquests may skew young, the guy nevertheless seems to have a way with the old ladies. Just last week, another elderly woman shouted at Jeter in the Yankees dugout in an effort to get a snapshot of the shortstop.

The guy has got some serious skills, man. And this sweet old lady? She’s the tops.

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