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Josh Beckett and the Hurtful Yet Hilarious Case of the Unrequited High Five (GIF)


The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the San Francisco Giants by a score of 4-2 on Tuesday, reducing the team’s magic number to clinch the National League West to a mere two with four games remaining on the schedule.

The game was marred by some extracurricular activities when Yaisel Puig rushed the mound and benches cleared after the Dodgers slugger was plunked by a Madison Bumgarner pitch in the first inning. But the spirit returned to jovial loosey-goosiness, at least for the Dodgers, as the night progressed.

One of the heroes of the night was Dodgers second baseman Josh Turner, who hit opened and closed the team’s scoring by smacking two home runs, a leadoff round-tripper in the bottom of the 1st and another one in the 8th inning, in the huge win.

After hitting his second long ball of the evening, Turner returned to an overjoyed Dodgers dugout. His teammates awaited him with raised hands in preparation for congratulatory and celebratory high-fives. Most were rewarded for their efforts, save one unfortunately singled-out teammate.

And that poor sap was Josh Beckett. He was left hanging. Big time. And for a long time.

Watch as Beckett stands there, seemingly for an eternity, with hand raised, waiting for a high-five that was never to arrive.

There are few things worse than the sting felt in one’s soul by an unrequited high-five when one would simply prefer to feel the sting from slapping hands on one’s palm. Just ask Tom Brady.

[H/T Big League Stew, GIF via Chad Moriyama]