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Darnell Dockett meets, gives jersey to ‘Real MVP’ of savage fan brawl (pics/vid)


Darnell Dockett apparently knows a “Real MVP” when he sees one. And as we all know, someone worthy of such a title is deserving of not only recognition and praise, but a reward for their efforts.

That’s at least how Dockett sees things. The defensive lineman, out for the season after tearing his ACL on Aug. 18, only can be a spectator at this stage, and what he witnessed in a savage fan brawl that occurred in the stands between San Francisco 49ers fans and Arizona Cardinals fans on Sept. 21 at University of Phoenix Stadium certainly impressed him, in particular how one Cardinals fan in a Dockett jersey came in and regulated.

Video of the brawl.

Shocking brutality.

But Dockett was left impressed by the guy wearing his jersey.

The fan praised by Dockett on Twitter came to the aid of a security guard who was being choked by one of the brawlers. At about the 45-second mark of the above video, the man can be seen throwing punches at the man who had the security guard in the choke hold.

Word spread on social media regarding Dockett’s tweet and he was quickly identified.

His name? It’s a fantastic one. Michael Cakebread. Dockett again took to Twitter to single out Cakebread and promised the man a special surprise…

That brings us to Tuesday. Cakebread was invited to be interviewed during a remote broadcast of the “The Sam Acho Show” being held at a Glendale, Ariz., restaurant.

Cakebread was given a hero’s welcome and allowed to tell his side of the story (transcribed by KSK):

Cakebread: “I saw the security guards over there and I knew they needed help. Obviously this guy in the white shirt right here, punching, honestly, he was just punching everybody. That’s me in the hat. He got that guy by the throat. I saw that and I didn’t accept that, and I let him have it. Period. End of story.”

Sam Acho: “As a player, you hate seeing stuff like that, whether it’s on the sideline and teams fighting or even in the stands, it’s tough.”

Cakebread: “I have five kids and bring them games, and I hate to see that in games… I’m not going to stand idle and watch some guy being choked.”

There was also an extra-special surprise awaiting him.

Darnell Dockett was in the house. Not only that, Dockett, after sharing an embrace with the Man of the Hour, presented Cakebread with one of his two Pro Bowl jerseys as a reward for coming to the aid of the security guard (photos via

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“We don’t allow that in our stadium,” Dockett said. “It impressed me he and he had a Dockett jersey on. That let’s me know he had good character.”


(top image credit: Michael Meister/Twitter)