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Wallkill (N.Y.) Mighty Mites youth football team toppled by on-field banner (video)


In just about the most adorably comical thing you’ll ever see on a youth football field — and that’s saying something, as anyone who has taken in a pee wee football game can attest — the young members of the Wallkill (NY) Mighty Mites were toppled by a banner. One by one, the wee lads go down, seemingly unaware of the fate that befell those who attempted to run through the thing before them.

The banner run-through is a staple of youth football, particularly at the high school level, and usually occurs before games. But maybe, just maybe, it’s best to save such things for when the kids get a little bit older.

However, the YouTube description notes that the banner run-through occurred after the Mighty Mites vanquished their foes by a score of 24-0. Perhaps the kiddos were simply too spent after giving 100% on the field. Maybe save it for pregame introductions next time.

Either that or use weaker material for the banner. Seriously, what made that thing so darn impenetrable? If it were made out of paper, the kids shouldn’t have had any problems, right? Was it made out of a tarp-like material or industrial-grade plastic or something?

If it was made out of some flimsy, paper-like material … well, that ain’t good.

The team was coming off a 24-0 shutout, so the kids can play. Perhaps the banner is simply their version of Kryptonite.

Either way, how adorable.

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