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Tom Brady humorously makes right Mark Wahlberg’s snub Bob Kraft’s high-five (photo)


A lot of folks had some fun making light of how actor Mark Wahlberg appeared to egregiously snub Robert Kraft when the New England Patriots owner attempted to high-five the actor in the owner’s box during Sunday’s 16-9 win over the Oakland Raiders. But given the activity of Tom Brady on Tuesday morning, perhaps things have been made right, courtesy of the quarterback’s Photoshop hijinks.

Here’s the scene from Sunday that spawned the “Snubgate” pseudo-scandal when Wahlberg left Kraft hanging, despite the Pats owner tapping him on the shoulder not once, but twice.

In comes Brady on Facebook on Tuesday, acknowledging that yep, he knows how dejected it can make a person after one is snubbed on a high-five attempt.


Not cool, Mark!” Brady jokingly writes on Facebook. “Mr. Kraft, I know how you feel.”

And does he ever know how Mr. Kraft feels. Brady was left hanging on several occasions last season when seeking out partner for a high-five, a tried-but-true celebratory act. As Jerry Seinfeld explains it in “The Dealership” episode, ““Slapping hands is the lowest form of primate ritual.”

Still, it hurts to get shot down on one. Just ask Brady. To wit:

Yeesh. Cold-blooded, man. It became such a thing that a snarky PSA was created to address the snubbing of Brady by his Patriots teammates.

It’s nice to see that Brady can have a sense of humor about things and is able to turn all that hurt, all that pain, all that humiliation into something positive while coming to the aid of the guy who signs his million-dollar paychecks. Everybody wins, really.

Between this demonstration of loyalty by Brady, along with how Rob Gronkowski got down and got funky with Kraft at a Beyonce-Jay-Z concert, it’s clear that his players have their boss’ back.

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