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Proposed design of Golden St. Warriors arena makes it look like a huge toilet (pic)


While it’s not fair to “dump” on initial renderings of a massive architectural undertaking, an image released of the proposed design of the Golden State Warriors’ new arena leads to one comparison regarding its appearance.

It looks like a giant toilet. A nice, top-of-the-line American Standard toilet, sure, but a toilet nonetheless.

In a presentation to the Mission Bay Citizens Advisory Committee by Snøhetta, the firm presented the above rendering of how it envisions the arena will sit upon the proposed 12-acre site, with “sit on” being arguably the most fitting term given its look.

When asked about the design by SI, a Warriors spokesperson reportedly said that the renderings were “designed to facilitate the feedback from the community we’re engaged in at the moment.”

“We are still very much in the design phase,” the spokesperson continued. “Detailed renderings are still to come.”

Some more looks of the proposed design obtained by via Socketsite:

Warriors-Mission-Bay-Arena-Concept-Design-NW-View-thumb-896x491-860535 Warriors-Mission-Bay-Arena-Concept-Design-NE-View-thumb-1009x512-860534

So, there’s still time to make some minor modifications so that the arena won’t resemble, well, what it resembles. But if additional design elements are released related to a practice facility to be located nearby and that building resembles a bidet? Well, then we’ll know that something stinky is going on here and all proposed designs should be “flushed,” as it were.

Sure, most people will never see the arena from above, and these initial plans will obviously change and inevitably updated throughout the entire design process.

But imagine if the Warriors are hosting a prime-time playoff game in their new arena some time down the road and the overhead shot of a lit-up downtown that invariably is aired during broadcasts is flashed on television screens across the country: The central feature of the shot will be a building that resembles a giant toilet. And that sure would be crappy, wouldn’t it?

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