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If ‘Jay Cutler FumbleFace’ isn’t turned into a meme, it’ll be a real shame (vid/pics)

Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears got up early and held on to beat the New York Jets on Monday night by a score of 27-19, but if it hadn’t been for a quick whistle to halt a potentially critical play in its tracks, things may have turned out quite differently.

Jets linebacker David Harris got a hold of Cutler’s leg following a fierce pass rush and wouldn’t let go, spinning the quarterback around by the foot. As Cutler toppled to the ground, the ball clearly came loose, which Demario Davis scooped up and ran into the end zone.

The problem was an official blew the play dead, ruling Cutler down.

After a replay review, it was determined that Cutler had indeed fumbled, but since a whistle had been blown, the Jets were given the ball at the spot of the fumble recovery, not the seven points the team deserved. The Jets offense couldn’t muster anything on the ensuing drive and the turnover was all for naught.

Well, not entirely. It did afford viewers look after look after look of the hilarious face Cutler made as he was being taken to the turf. I give you “Jay Cutler FumbleFace.”


Seriously, if folks out there far more skilled than I with the Photoshoppery and whatnot don’t use that priceless image to make create some interwebs hilarity, it will be a damn shame. Get on it, Internet wisenheimers…

It’s practically begging for it, right?

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