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Flyers replace ‘Ice Girls’ with all-male ice crew, and fans aren’t happy about it (vids)


The Philadelphia Flyers debuted Wells Fargo Center’s all-new, all-male ice crew during Monday night’s preseason game and to say that the fellas were greeted coldly by the fans in attendance would be a drastic understatement.

Boos rained down upon the all-dude ice crew as they skated out onto the ice and the fans expressed their unhappiness every time the twelve dudes came out, three times in total, reports.

Via Crossing Broad:

The fans were clearly distraught with how the team replaced the very popular, very alluringly dressed “Ice Girls,” who used to parade out and sashay about the ice armed with shovels and their feminine wiles.

The Flyers and the Ice Girls reportedly parted ways after the women on the squad expressed dissatisfaction with work conditions and pay.

So, instead of getting a raise and a better work environment, the girls got the old heave-ho.

And now, it’s the “Ice Dudes,” “Ice Fellers,” “Ice Guys,” whatever term one wishes to give the poor men now charged with cleaning up the ice during play stoppages while a chorus of boos rain down upon them.

Ice Girls routinely are the target of ire and object of controversy as their presence in NHL arenas is debated concerning whether they belong or if they’re simply a hackneyed attempt at getting some eye candy on the ice a few times a game. But cheerleaders, dance crews and whatnot are generally accepted — or at least tolerated — in the NFL, NBA, etc., so why not in the NHL?

That appears to be the opinion held by those in attendance on Monday night, something Flyers right winger Jakub Voracek found quite amusing.

I think that was pretty funny,” he told after the game. “I kind of had a good laugh.”

When asked if he’d miss them, Voracek wasn’t biting, for a good reason.

“I have a girlfriend,” he said. “I don’t want to answer that question.”

Good call.

(photo credit: (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)