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Jeter Frenzy Roundup: Final home game tickets average $845, game-used socks $409.99


As the Derek Jeter Super Funtime Retirement Tour nears its end, the frenzy surrounding the Captain finally walking off into the sunset is reaching nearly ridiculous levels.

To wit: The New York Daily News reports that the average ticket price for the New York Yankees shortstop’s final home game at Yankee Stadium on Thursday have skyrocketed, reaching an average price of $845.41.

According to NYDN, 1,527 tickets remain available on StubHub. The cheapest ticket reportedly available at the time of the report was $395.50. The most expensive tickets, meanwhile, are going for a whopping $9,711 apiece, but that will get you up seats four rows up along the first base line.

Overall, Chris Matcovich, vice president of communications at TiqIQ, tells the Daily News that he estimates in the entire market, about 3,000 to 4,000 remain up for grabs, down from 8,000-10,000 seats only a month ago. Matcovich also states that the cheapest ticket available is about $362, right around the price available on StubHub.

“Ticket prices have skyrocketed,” he said. “Prices had basically stayed level, but now they’re taking off.”

If those prices are too steep for the average Jeter fan, how about some reasonably priced Jeter-related memorabilia, although “reasonably priced” is nowhere near the correct way of describing what Steiner Sports is charging for authentic Jeter goods.

Take a pair of “Game-Used Socks” for instance. The site has those bad boys listed at $409.99.


If that’s too rich for a fan’s blood, then there’s no chance of them buying a game-worn glove from 2010.


That would have cost a person $859.99. For one glove, not even a pair. Thankfully, that particular item is out of stock, so no chance of buyer’s remorse on that one.

How about a “Derek Jeter Autographed Blue & Silver Stitching Retirement Ball With Custom Derek Jeter Display Case”?


$749.99. Pre-orders only.

The point is, if a die-hard Derek Jeter fan wants to commemorate the ballplayer’s retirement with a treasured piece of memorabilia — or if they would like to be in the crowd for his last game at Yankee Stadium, it’s going to cost them. Plenty.

Imagine if Jeter had been giving out gift baskets to his romantic conquests — which he insists he was not — years ago at these prices? Hoo boy!