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Aaron Rodgers on if dating Olivia Munn is having an impact on his play: ‘Idiotic’


The Green Bay Packers have stumbled out of the gate a bit in the early part of the season, going 1-2. A big comeback from an 18-point deficit against the New York Jets in Week 2 in a 31-24 win is the only thing standing between the team and an 0-3 start.

With the team seemingly in some semblance of disarray — to outsiders — Packers fans have begun to try to rationalize the rough start … by throwing out irrational theories.

Milwaukee’s CBS-58 is reporting that fans are directing their ire at at least Aaron Rodgers perceived struggles on his girlfriend, actress Olivia Munn. Yep, makes perfect sense. In Crazy Town.

The station makes note of two tweets — although there presumably are many others — where a Packers fan blames Munn for Green Bay’s early season struggles, one in which she is referred to as a “devil woman” and another where the individual suggests that Rodgers “dump her” because “We look like bums.”

Rodgers and Munn allegedly have been hot and heavy since meeting backstage at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas and were later spotted locking lips in Hollywood.

Rodgers, when pressed on the topic of his struggles, clearly demonstrated the he hasn’t the patience, nor the time or the inclination, to entertain such ludicrous inquiries related to speculation regarding his personal life.

When asked during his weekly “Tuesdays with Aaron” appearance on ESPN Milwaukee, when it was suggested that either injuries or Munn is having a negative impact on his play, Rodgers impatiently replied in regard to the questions, “Those are so idiotic it’s not even worth responding to either one of those.”

It almost makes you feel bad for professional athletes, or celebrities, that have to answer such patently absurd inquiries. Although Rory McIlroy fared much better on the course after dumping Caroline Wozniacki. And she fared much better on the court after the golfer unceremoniously dumped her. So maybe these unhinged Packers fans on Twitter are on to something here.

Okay, they’re not.

Rodgers elected to issue some calming words to Packers fans who already find themselves on the metaphorical ledge this early in the season: “Five letters. R-E-L-A-X. Relax. We’re going to be fine.”

Yeah, that’s going to convince Twitter nutjobs who actually send out hate tweets to the girlfriends of their favorite athletes. Troglodytic, knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers, every last one of them.

While Rodgers and the Packers offense have been somewhat out of sync, it’s not like Rodgers’ numbers are abysmal. In three games, he has completed 62.7% of his passes for 697 yards and 5 touchdowns with only one interception, good enough for a 95.1 QB rating. Hardly terrible stats.

Odds are good that the Packers will get things on offense back humming as well as usual sooner rather than later. Even without Rodgers dumping Munn.

(quotes from interview via ESPN NFL Nation’s Rob Demovsky/Twitter)