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Wanna know how a baseball smells? Just ask this inquisitive young fan (video)


During Thursday’s tilt between the Philadelphia Phillies and San Diego Padres, a young fan got his hands on a foul ball off the bat of Wil Nieves.

As the announcers note, the boy who corralled the ball bears a strong resemblance to “Squints” from “The Sandlot,” but it’s the other kid involved in the snagging of the souvenir that is the most interesting aspect of the scene that played out in the stands.

As he marvels at his pal’s baseball, he proceeds to complete his inquisitive inspection by pulling the ball up to his nose and taking a good old sniff of it.

Huh. Sure, we’ve seen a baby use a souvenir baseball as a teething toy and another youngster lick one, but smelling it? That’s a tad strange.

Although we are left to wonder what it smells like. In the eyes of the kid who secured the baseball, it probably, in the immortal words of Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore, it probably smelled like … (inhales) … victory.