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Troll TV analyst on Derek Jeter: ‘This clown’s a fraud and you are all suckers (video)


In what may be a troll job for the ages, “SportsNet NY” host Chris Carlin went off on Derek Jeter during Thursday’s show, specifically for how the retiring New York Yankees shortstop bastardized his legacy by allowing not one, but two tribute commercials be made during his season-long farewell tour.

Carlin apparently had all he can stands and couldn’t stands no more — in the parlance of Popeye — after the premiere of Gatorade’s classy tribute commercial to the “Captain,” a 90-second spot where Jeter walks around outside Yankee Stadium and mingles with fans as Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” plays.

“Yo, this clown’s a fraud.” Carlin rants. “And you are all suckers. This is now grand commercial No. 2 on the farewell tour. And it’s not just the tour — Mariano Rivera did that. It’s not just that Derek Jeter’s doing commercials.

“It’s that this has never been what Derek Jeter has been about. He has been about team, not me. He has never let us into his personal life because he’s always been about the team. He frankly is being a complete fraud right now.”

Boom. Roasted.

Actually, not.

If anything, Carlin arguably is merely playing the role of trolling contrarian, lamenting how Jeter somehow disgraced himself and his legacy with these commercials.

From Carlin’s perhaps-contrived perspective, Jeter should have been stubbornly insistent, refusing to yield from his unwavering commitment to everything that is “right” about being a major leaguer, to be placed upon a pedestal and carved in stone to represent some kind of romanticized ideal of who he wants — and expects — Jeter to be.

It hardly seems fair. Hasn’t 20 years of understated dignity, unquestioned classiness and uncompromising dedication to the game of baseball not enough? Shouldn’t Jeter be allowed to have his moment in the sun as he makes his exit from the game he made better simply due to his presence?

Still, a pretty epic troll job, if that is what Carlin’s rant was intended to be. Otherwise, he comes off as petty, embittered and, in a way, jealous, perhaps because he has to share Jeter with the rest of the world as the shortstop saunters off into the sunset and ultimately shuffles off this major league coil.

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