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Falcons fan grabs handful of her boyfriend’s crotch during blowout of Bucs (video)


Atlanta Falcons fans had plenty of reason to cheer right from the get-go during Thursday night’s prime-time, nationally televised showdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers … a showdown that turned into spectacle pretty quickly. In more ways than one.

And given that this was a prime-time, nationally televised airing of “Thursday Night Football” on CBS, odds are good that at least one Falcons fan is regretting how the cameras were locked right in on her while she committed a pretty impulsive move on her boyfriend to celebrate … or at least we hope it was her boyfriend.

With the Falcons already up 28-0 early on in the second quarter, cameras panned the crowd after the home team racked up yet another first down. Unfortunately for one young lady, cameras captured her quite clearly grabbing her boyfriend’s crotch, something that was broadcast to millions and millions of people.

Hoo boy. Chances are we don’t want to know what lewd act she pulled out of her sack of tricks when Falcons mascot Freddie Falcon tackled a pirate-garbed Buccaneers fan in a completely staged bit. Yeah.

And then, the Internet happened. Had it been a different time, and had it not been for oodles of eagle-eyed viewers and the technology available to instantaneously transmit and disseminate documentary evidence of her literal, gestural and crotch contact-making ode to “Hand Full of Peter,” the name of the Griffin’s folk duo on “The Family Guy,” odds are her crotch-grab wouldn’t have been noticed save for a few people who caught it live.

Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore.

And now this poor young lady will have to suffer through her fifteen minutes of Internet shame — although in the grand scheme of things, while embarrassing, it’s not the worst thing in the world — before we all forget about her when someone else does something goofy at a live sporting event and the cycle begins anew.

(GIFs via The Big Lead)