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A 10-story-tall LeBron James will once again loom over downtown Cleveland


As far as the views in downtown Cleveland are concerned, it’ll be like LeBron James never left.

Okay, that might be a bit of stretch — even though the wounds have healed from “The Decision” and LeBron’s exodus out of Ohio, faint traces of the resulting scars likely still remain — as Cleveland Cavaliers fans clearly have forgiven their Once and Future King given his return to their good graces by rejoining the local NBA team’s roster.

The current and probably perpetual lovefest that exists between the residents of Cleveland — and the greater Ohio region at large — and LeBron James now will have a symbol downtown that provides testament to the notion that it’s all good now.

The Associated Press reports that the city’s planning commission has formerly approved plans for a gigantic banner featuring the homegrown superstar to be raised in downtown Cleveland.

It likely won’t resemble the Photoshop banner Johnny Manziel posted featuring himself and LeBron after James announced he was returning to the Cavaliers. That one may come in due time, but not quite yet.

The proposed Nike-sponsored banner, located across the street from Quicken Loans Arena, reportedly will feature James, arms outstretched, with “CLEVELAND” emblazoned on the back of his jersey (above).

Via the Cleveland Plain-Dealer:

The Cleveland City Planning Commission voted Friday to approve a massive banner showcasing the basketball star. Sponsored by Nike Inc., the 1.3-ton wall display will span roughly 25,000 square feet on the eastern face of the Landmark Office Towers, the Sherwin-Williams Co. headquarters complex at the back of Tower City.

Only one question remains: Will the banner feature presumed post-hair plug implantation LeBron? It probably should, you know, for accuracy.

It will be somewhat similar to the banner that once hung on the outside of Sherwin-Williams Co.’s headquarters (below), a black-and-white “Witness” signage that was taken down when James spurned the town and took his talents to South Beach.


But that is all forgiven now. And possibly even forgotten, for that matter.