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Seattle Seahawks ’12th Man’ puppies? Seattle Seahawks ’12th Man’ puppies (photo)


Since reading most NFL-related stories over the past few weeks read like testimony from a war crimes tribunal, perhaps this is as fitting time as ever to simply share a photo of some adorable puppies … make that Seattle Seahawks “12th Fan” puppies.

Adorable, aren’t they? 11 pups and a proud mother? And Seahawks fans to boot? Nice. Although as is often the case with dogs getting dressed up, the canines had little input in the attire in which they were outfitted.

Also, unlike in Steve Smith’s case, there has been no word via social media as to the exact location where these puppies were conceived. Dogs don’t use Twitter, you see. Lack of opposable thumbs and all that. Duh.

In any event, regarding the pups’ conception, chances are good — again, unlike Smith — it wasn’t in an elevator. Cue the Aerosmith tune…

[H/T SB Nation, image via @dclemintine]