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Knicks fans jimmy rig air conditioning unit to pay tribute to Mike Woodson (video)


The New York Knicks may have cut Mike Woodson loose all the way back in April, but the oft-criticized and constantly beleaguered former head coach still weighs on the hearts and occupies the minds of some Knickerbocker backers. Or at least two of them.

Two Knicks fans posted a video to VINE showcasing how they, through some DIY modifications, ingenuity and some very rudimentary grasp of basic HVAC technology — along with some venting — to pay tribute to Woodson by having the cool breeze emanating from their air conditioner blasted out of the ex-coach’s mouth.


One question, though: I hate to nitpick, but wouldn’t it have been more apropos to connect a space heater, furnace, what have you, to Woodson’s face? You know, because he frequently was full of hot air?

I suppose this query falls within the same realm as Cosmo Kramer’s “Shouldn’t you be wearing the bucket?” conundrum related to his USPS boycott. Huh.

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