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Cue up Yello: Giants’ Matt Duffy has bats with Duffman on the knobs (video)


Given his name, it’s hardly surprising that San Francisco Giants rookie infielder Matt Duffy gravitated toward Duffman, the beloved, ego-maniacal, macho, beer-pushing corporate spokesman from “The Simpsons” when coming up with a way to identify himself, and more notably, his bats.

That’s right, Duffy has Duffman emblazoned upon the knobs of his bats.

That. Is. Awesome.

Duffy ended up losing one of his beloved Duffman bats during the 9th inning of Wednesday’s game against the Arizona Diamondbacks when he lost his grip on it during a swing and deposited it in the seats before grabbing another bat and delivering a game-winning RBI single.

It would have been spectacular had Duffy, worrying about the well-being of the fans where his bat ultimately fell, turned to the ump and said, “Duffman is thrusting in the direction of the problem! Oh, yeah!”

Oh, yeah, indeed.

[H/T For the Win, Cut4, top image via @CSNBaggs]