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Gatorade unveils ‘Made in New York’ commercial tribute to Derek Jeter (video)


It’s reaching the end of the end of the season-long Derek Jeter Super Happy Funtime Retirement Tour. And as we pay our final respects to the career of the man simply known as “The Captain,” Gatorade has rolled out a new spot to pay tribute to the retiring Bronx Bomber living legend.

Entitled “Made in New York featuring Derek Jeter,” the 90-second spot uses the very fitting “My Way,” the Frank Sinatra standard, as its soundtrack and features Jeter walking the streets of New York City and mingling with the commoners, bringing smiles to every face on every person he greets.

Gatorade also announced that on Sept. 22, during the season finale home series against the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium — New York is on the road in Boston to play the Red Sox for a three-game series to close out the season — the coolers containing the sports drink located in the Yankees dugout will have the traditional “G” replaced with No. 2 to pay one final tribute to Jeter.

 jeter-cooler-2 jeter-cooler

Pretty sweet. And for those folks looking forward to finally getting to the ultimate end of this seemingly never-ending, months-long tribute to the retiring Yankee, imagine being Jeter. There’s probably no one on this planet who wants all this over and done with more than that guy.