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Bryce Harper got personalized fireman’s helmet from D.C. firefighter (photos/video)


When Bryce Harper began to prepare for the Washington Nationals’ imminent and inevitable division-clinching win last week, he realized he wanted to do something special. Or better put, wear something special.

That’s why the Nationals slugger reached out to the D.C. firefighter community to make a personal request.

In a since-deleted tweet, Harper asked the firefighters for a favor (screengrab via D.C. Sports Bog):


At least one fireman, John Landi responded to Harper’s call.

Harper, who previously has said that if he wasn’t a ballplayer he would have found work in the firefighting business, wanted a personalized fireman’s helmet emblazoned with his name and No. 34 on it. Landi, with some help, came through for the superstar.


“Yeah, he actually said a couple of years ago that if he wasn’t a ballplayer, he wanted to be a fireman,” Landi told FOX DC. “So he was specifically looking for the fire helmet, and another guy on the job from Engine 24, he makes all the custom front pieces.”

Landi, who is assigned to Truck 17, got in touch with Engine 24’s Jason Vogt and the two set out customizing a helmet for Harper.

So, when the Nats finally clinched the NL East with a win over the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday, Lindi waited patiently while watching the celebration, knowing what was to come.

“I knew what his plan was, and me and my fiancée were watching the game, and she said, ‘He doesn’t have it on, he doesn’t have it on,’ and then he popped it on and everything and everybody started talking about it,” Landi said.

Of course the D.C. firefighters were thrilled with the tribute.

“All the guys on the job were real happy about it and it was good to see Harper wanted to represent us,” said Landi. “It’s a critical moment for the Nats. They just won the NL East and he wants to represent the D.C. fire department, so it’s pretty good.”

Harper posted several photos from the raucous clubhouse. In all of them, he was wearing the custom helmet.

When asked afterward what was up with the interesting headwear, Harper reportedly said, “D.C. firefighters hooked me up.”

As far as what the future holds, Landi hopes, nay expects, Harper to continue wearing the helmet should the team advance in the playoffs and afford the squad another opportunity to celebrate.

“He’s got to do it now,” he said. “It’s a good luck charm. It’s tradition now.”