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Braves fan trying to catch foul ball with hat gets smashed in face instead (GIF)


A fan taking in the Atlanta Braves-Washington Nationals game at Turner Field on Wednesday evening attempted to snag a souvenir with his hat but instead got a face full of baseball as a reward for his comically futile efforts.

With arms outstretched and hat in hand, the dude probably thought he was about to make a stupendous snare of the baseball as it came hurtling down to him.

But the Fates were not on his side this day. The ball eluded his cap and smashed straight into his face.


Either this guy is not particularly gifted in any athletic sense or he suffers from the same malady as Mr. No Depth Perception. But as far as classic “SNL” characters go, it’s better to be theĀ  character expertly portrayed by Kevin Nealon as apposed to afflicted with the same condition as Dana Carvey’s “Massive Head Wound Harry”, something that very well could have been the end result of, you know, getting smashed in the face by a foul ball. Yeah.

(GIF via @PeteBlackburn)