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The Mystery of LeBron James and His Seemingly Regenerating Hairline (photos)


LeBron James was at Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., on Tuesday to play in part in the official unveiling of the new Nike sneaker that bears his name, the LeBron 12.

But it isn’t footwear that is causing a buzz on Wednesday — although a lot of attention has been heaped upon the release of a silly shoe — as it relates to LeBron’s appearance. It’s his head.

While it will require more research and additional evidence, it certainly looks like LeBron’s once-rapidly receding hairline not only has halted the onrush to the back of his head, it appears that it has assembled follicle reinforcements and is mounting a counterinsurgency, an offensive in an attempt to claim the scalp territory it once held.

Simply put, James may have had some hair plug work done.

To wit, some additional looks at the rehabilitated hairline:

Compelling evidence. At least it indicates that even if James did not get plugged, something has definitely occurred involving his once-dwindling frontal hair coverage. Who knows? Perhaps Lebron has stumbled upon a cure for male-pattern baldness. Stranger things have happened.

Maybe through some kind of “Island of Dr. Moreau” scenario, some mad, depraved scientist managed to splice LeBron’s genes with those of one of those lizards who can grow its tail back.

Actually, that’s some pretty freaky-deaky stuff there. Also, LeBron would likely have scales now.

Alternatively, science fiction scenarios aside, it could be the camera angles or something. Somehow, that’s doubtful. The hair is there, man. The hair is there.

Of course, James’ receding hairline has long been a source of much mockery — a Google search more than establishes that fact — so maybe LeBron thought enough was enough and it was time to do something about it.

And why not? LeBron is starting anew — or again — in Cleveland with the Cavaliers. Why not make another change as well? Sy Sperling approves. Wherever he is.

(top image via Total Pro Sports)