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Josh Gordon on car dealership gig: ‘It’s pretty much what I expected it to be’ (video)


With his attorney was making an appearance in a courtroom in North Carolina on Tuesday to enter a guilty plea on his behalf stemming from driving while impaired charge he was issued in July, currently suspended Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon sat down and discussed what it has been like working at a car dealership the past few weeks, a gig he fell into shortly after his league-imposed punishment for violating the NFL’s drug policy was announced.

The news that Gordon would be working at┬áSarchione Auto Group, a car dealership based in Randolph, Ohio, during his suspension was met with some amusement, but the wideout apparently will be working not only as a salesman, among other duties as doled out, but also will serve as a key component of the company’s community outreach in his role as “goodwill ambassador,” so there’s some positive things coming out of it as well.

As far as the job itself, Gordon says it’s just about what he thought it would be like.


“It’s pretty much what I expected it to be,” Gordon tells NewsNet5 Cleveland. “There’s great people here, though. So it’s a great experience.”

Much like it can be on an NFL roster, Gordon, the young buck, sought out those with more experience so he could learn how to do things the right way.

“I’ve been shadowing the veterans. I mean, I’ve been watching these guys working, man, but it’s been a great experience, though. But I’m still coming along and learning the ropes.”

Gordon says he’s been working “5 days a week, 8-12 hours a day, about 40 hours a week,” but that doesn’t mean he isn’t focusing on his “other job” as a Cleveland Brown.

“Trying to balance both of them. I know I gotta go back to the Browns and do some working out and go to meetings and stuff like that,” Gordon said. “But in my off time, I come back here and try to work two jobs.”

With the news Wednesday morning that the NFL and NFLPA have reportedly agreed on a new drug policy, Gordon is expected to return to the Browns practice facility this week for meetings and conditioning as he serves his suspension, a ban that reportedly has been cut down to 10 games.

But when his NFL career is over — which presumably is years and years away, Gordon envisions himself one day possibly getting involved in the dealership game.

“Owning one or franchising a dealership wouldn’t be bad, you know, it’s a definitely a good business for anybody to get into … it’s definitely a possibility for me later.”

Or maybe Gordon could fast track his dealership investment plans and do so during his career. Anything to keep him out of trouble, right?

And as far as selling his first car — social media gossip last week indicating he made a sale proved to be erroneous — Gordon doesn’t say anything about that in the piece. That must mean he hasn’t sealed a deal quite yet.