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Gerardo Parra gives ball to kid seated next to guy who interfered with catch (video)


Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Gerardo Parra had every right to be peeved with at least one St. Louis Cardinals fan during Tuesday’s game at Busch Stadium. Instead, he took the high road, demonstrated a lot of class and even went above and beyond to make nice.

While chasing down a Chris Carpenter pop-up that drifted into foul territory in left field during the bottom of the 3rd inning, Parra came into contact with a fan who reached out into the field of play in an attempt to snag a souvenir.

The fan essentially grabbed Parra’s arm as he attempted to wrangle the ball, but the outfielder nevertheless managed to make the catch.

Given the gravity of the game and what was at stake — the Cardinals are in a tightening divisional race and the Brewers are chasing the final NL Wild Card spot — tempers easily could have flared and the situation could have gotten a wee bit out of control.

But instead of getting all surly and even instructing security to eject the fan — something that ballpark personnel would have been well within their rights to do given the man’s interference — Parra defused the situation, actually interacted with the fans, pointing to them as if he was making sure everyone was okay.

Not only that, after Parra recorded the final out of the inning by catching a Matt Holliday fly ball, he trotted over to the scene of the “crime” and handed the ball to the young boy seated next to the man, presumably the interfering fan’s son.

Now that’s a classy way to go about one’s business. Kudos to Parra for not allowing the intensity of competition, not to mention the interference of the fan, get the best of him.

(GIFs via Cut4)