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Blake Griffin, no Jeannie Darcy, does stand-up set at Laugh Factory open mic (video)


Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin may not be the next Dane Cook — which should be considered a compliment — but he also is not the next Louis CK, either.

And yet, when Griffin took the stage at the Laugh Factory during the comedy club’s “Open Mic Night” to work through some material, it’s not like he didn’t do a pretty decent job in his foray into stand-up comedy.

Griffin posted an image on Instagram from a performance on Monday night, writing, “Just me reading my Slam Dunk Poetry. To a crowd. And my bobblehead. Pretty normal Monday. Not weird at all.

Griffin’s appearance at the Laugh Factory on Tuesday seems to coincide with a series of spots from Vizio in which the dunking dynamo recites some “Slam Dunk Poetry.”

An example of Griffin’s material from his set, which was not written by him personally but whoever Vizio hired for the spots (via FOX Sports West):

“Sometimes, I sit and wish you were alive so I could hit you with an … itty bitty high-five. Standing on a tiny pedestal. Holding a tiny ball. Bobbleheadddd, bobbleheaddddd, you know all.”


Griffin mentioned that reading poetry out of a notebook helped calm his nerves. Asked if was nervous at all, Griffin said:

“No, because I was able to look down and reference and read. It’s a little different being on stage like that by yourself.”

The crowd may have been small, but Griffin did manage to elicit a few laughs during his set.

“The first laugh is always key,” Griffin added. “I’ve done some improv stuff. Once you get your first laugh, you’re good. Up until that point it’s a little nerve-racking.”

All in all, a pretty decent outing. Here’s some video.

And some comments Griffin made to FOX Sports South’s Jill Painter Lopez after the set.

Not too shabby. In reference to the post title, to put Griffin’s performance on a “Saturday Night Live” sliding scale, he may not be ready to appear on “Stand-Up and Win” but he’s also not in Jeannie Darcy territory, either. Pretty much right in the meaty part of the comedy curve.