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Wake Forest sends recruit horrible ‘People’ cover-Kim Kardashian Photoshop (pic)


While it’s not the first time a college football program has attempted this kind of ruse — or other heavy-handed and clumsy attempts — to lure a prized recruit to a school, Wake Forest’s attempt at Photoshop indicates that the university may want to avail themselves of more qualified personnel more skilled in the image editing program before taking another stab at it.

Kengera Daniel, a highly touted and sought-after defensive end from Raleigh, N.C., tweeted out the above image and appears to claim it was sent to him by the Demon Deacons in an awkward effort to put them out in the front of the pack in its recruiting of him.

As you can see, it’s, uh, terrible. It was supposed to be a clever stab at featuring Daniel on the cover of People with Kim Kardashian on his arm via some Photoshop wizardry. The problem is the quality of the editing effort. It’s much less an example of Photoshop wizardry and much more a demonstration of Photoshop buffoonery.

Was Photoshop even utilized? It’s possible that someone with competent skills in MS Paint could pull of a better People cover.

All in all, not good. Odds are Alabama, Florida State, Louisville, Miami, Michigan, NC State and Tennessee, among the schools recruiting Daniel, will fare far better in any Photoshop efforts. If not, it would be better to go back to the drawing board than offer up something on par with this fail.

As noted above, Photoshop magazine covers featuring highly touted recruits isn’t unprecedented. The Tennessee Volunteers, in fact (and one of the schools recruiting Daniel), did a marginally better job at using Photoshop when the school placed a recruit on the cover of Rolling Stone alongside Beyonce. It wasn’t perfect, but better than this one.

Full disclosure: Any attempts by yours truly to do a better job with Photoshop would result in an even more awful image. No skills to pay the bills related to photo editing software for this hombre.

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