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Giancarlo Stanton posts gnarly image of aftermath from being hit in face by pitch (pic)


Giancarlo Stanton was hit in the face by an 88-mph fastball from Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Mike Fiers during last Thursday’s game. It was a frightening scene, to be sure, and the injuries the Miami Marlins superstar suffered confirmed the seriousness of it all, as he was left with multiple facial fractures, a facial laceration that required stitches as well as dental damage.

Stanton is in all likelihood done for the season, meaning he can focus entirely on healing with an eye towards coming back in tip-top shape next spring.

And from the looks of his face as of Tuesday, it’s a good thing he has plenty of time to do so.

A side-by-side pair of photos posted by Stanton on Tuesday, presumably one taken shortly after Thursday’s incident and one taken more recently illustrates the tremendous amount of damage inflicted upon his face.

Good grief. It certainly appears that the ball making violent contact with his face caused one of his teeth to puncture straight through his cheek. Yikes.

Stanton writes on Instagram, “The Aftermath…Making huge progress!! Want to thank everyone who has played a part in my recovery process. Your kind messages, thoughts & prayers have meant the world to me. Pushing forward.”

As noted above, most sensible folks believe that Stanton likely will be shut down for the balance of the season, but Joe Frisaro reports that the slugger is set to have stitches removed and undergo an examination on Tuesday. The outcome of said exam will determine if Stanton could make a miraculous comeback.

Marlins skipper Mike Redmond isn’t sure how to feel about that possible eventuality.

“I think it’s probably just the time to let everything heal, and the swelling to go down in his face,” Redmond said. “That will probably be the biggest thing. We’ll probably know more on Tuesday if that is even a possibility.”

Redmond wouldn’t rule it out, though.

“I know him,” he added. “Of course, he’s going to want to come back and try to play, if he can, if it’s a possibility. We don’t really know if that is the case until probably Tuesday.”