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Elderly Yankees fan gets attention of Derek Jeter in dugout, snaps photo (video)

After a season filled with tributes, gifts and the like,, Derek Jeter’s ‚ÄúRetirement Tour Super-Happy Funtime Bonanza” is nearing its end. An elderly New York Yankees fan clearly recognizes this sad fact, so she went all out to get a photograph of the retiring superstar during one of his last appearances at Tropicana Field for a game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

With the Yankees mercifully benching the struggling Jeter for a night on Monday, the old lady was afforded plenty of time to get the ballplayer’s attention.


Despite a Tropicana Field security staffer gently attempting to escort her back to her seat, the sweet old lady ultimately achieved in accomplishing her goal, as Jeter finally heard her calling out to him and turned around and acknowledged her.


Good stuff. It clearly was quite the thrill for the elderly Jeter fan.

This interaction between the retiring ballplayer and an elderly fan at the end of the season was a perfectly apropos way to bookend the season, given what occurred all the way back in March as Jeter was about to embark upon his goodbye tour: A little girl sneaked an up-close peek at the Yankees shortstop during a spring training game by unlatching a chain around primo seats in order to get a closer look at Jeter.


See? We start young and bright-eyed, get older and ultimately say goodbye. And the seasons roll on by. Or something.

(screengrabs via Business Insider, for more on Derek Jeter’s ‚ÄúRetirement Tour Super-Happy Funtime Bonanza,” please feel free to peruse the SoB archives)