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Astros mascot Orbit takes vicious crotch-shot after falling off railing (video)


Houston Astros mascot Orbit was entertaining the masses with some acrobatic calisthenics during Monday’s game against the Cleveland Indians at Minute Maid Park when a bit of a topple resulted in what appeared to be a very painful experience for the big green lug.

Orbit was doing some pretty impressive push-ups as he stretched across a concourse entrance into two seating sections in the ballpark. While that went well enough, when Orbit stood up afterward to perform a quasi-high-wire act, things went awry.

Yep, Orbit fell down and went boom, taking a shot to the crotch in the process, before tumbling down in agony to the ground.

Ouch. Let’s put it this way: If Orbit is indeed of the male sex of whatever species he is, there may be a chance that if there weren’t any little Orbits scampering around before Monday, there might not ever be any offspring. Ever.

Full video follows:

Disturbing stuff. Albeit not as disturbing as when Orbit was spotted wearing only underwear earlier this season. Talk about an image that has the capability of leaving a permanent scar on a person’s psyche.

(GIFs via Cut4)