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Rory McIlroy’s errant drive lands in spectator’s pocket at Tour Championship (video)


Rory McIlroy had an adventurous and strange experience during his second round at the Tour Championship on Friday, something that defies the odds but nevertheless something from which the 25-year-old superstar somehow managed to recover.

An errant drive by McIlroy on the par-4 14th hole sailed wide right. In what seemingly at first appeared to be a fortuitous break, McIlroy’s tee shot clanked off a tree and dropped down.

The problem was the ball didn’t settle down nicely in the rough and not further right where it was headed. Instead, it landed in the strangest place imaginable.

Right into a spectator’s pocket.

Incredible. As Frank Costanza once said, “It was million-to-one-shot, doc. A million-to-one.”

The man remained remarkably still as McIlroy and a rules official made their way to the spot to investigate the bizarre scene more closely. Ultimately, it was determined that McIlroy would be allowed a free drop.

From there, Rory hit a nice approach shot to the green and managed to eke out one of the stranger pars of recent memory.

The spectator unfortunately was unable to walk away with the ball that bizarrely landed in his pocket. He instead had to settle for a handshake from Rory McIlroy, although chances are good the golfer will make sure the guy leaves the course with something.

This wasn’t the first — and probably not the last — time McIlroy has had a strange encounter with patrons following a wild shot. In 2012, a wayward tee shot on the 15th hole at the British Open conked a guy right in the noggin. And earlier this year, an errant shot at the Accenture Match Play tourney caused a spectator to fall into one of those spiny jumping cholla cactus. Ouch.