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Phil Simms on Ray Rice during ‘TNF’: ‘He was beat up last year’ (video)


Phil Simms, Jim Nantz and the entire CBS “Thursday Night Football” had the unenviable task of covering the first Baltimore Ravens game since the infamously sickening Ray Rice video emerged on Monday and the subsequent ever-expanding controversy that ensued this week, in a nationally televised event, no less.

While there was some tiptoeing, Rice was discussed critically and at-length during the pregame show — James Brown’s passionate speech about the need to end domestic violent was eloquent, somber and brilliant — as well as during the game.

Unfortunately, there was an epically unintentional gaffe by Simms when the analyst used a dreadfully poor choice of words when discussing Rice.

Discussing the disgraced running back, Simms said, “He was beat up last year.”

Ugh. As mentioned above, Simms in no way intended to make light of the situation. It simply was a wholly unfortunate happenstance where a commonly used phrase brings with it an entirely different meaning in light of the circumstances.

Still, it was incredibly awkward. So, so awkward.

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